Buckminster Fuller at the Whole Earth Festival, UC Davis


“We now find that our sun star is 1 of a 100 billion stars in our galaxy. We now discovered a billion of such galaxies. When you get to that kind of a scheme, where you really think about—We are approximately on an invisible planet and you & I are 1/10,000 of invisible on an invisible planet of a very mediocre star amongst a billion times a 100 billion stars… Then we get to say, obviously, that kind of a Universe is not very interested in whether Republicans or Democrats are elected.

You get to realizing the Universe doesn’t say we can’t afford another galaxy. let alone lunch for the kids. So, I find the way we’ve looking at things, the way we’ve been interpreting having been born naked, helpless, ignorant—we’re in a great morass of very, very small, very irrelevant kind of preoccupations. All of which we get very upset about here. I realize we might be able to transcend very rapidly if we get into a bigger scheme.”